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Friday, April 27th 2012

1:39 AM

Lolita lilegal pics free


Related article: Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 10:49:04 +0200 From: Luca Warberg Subject: College Memoirs 2Standard disclaimers apply. All rights reserved by the author.Dedicated to John Walsh.Hey guys, I know there's some confusion as to why I'm starting this at the end of high school but its in the college archive. Well, I thought that this would be a good place to start and only the first few instalments will be about this stage. The bulk of the story will be about my college experience though.That night sitting around the fire, I had enough beer in me to tell my uncle something that had been driving me insane over the last few months of high school. I was bisexual. Well, my uncle sort of looked at me and didn't say anything. My aunt had arrived home by that stage and also had a few glasses of wine. Well, she jumped up, poured herself another glass, looked at me and asked me "so what?". Well, that wasn't exactly the response I was expecting. I was brought up in a really conservative, Christian family and was expecting my family to go apeshit if I ever told them what I was struggling with. I was expecting shouting, threatening, the bible to be quoted. Not this nonchalant attitude of who cares.I sat there thinking about it. It was really cool that my aunt was so cool with it, but my uncle still hadn't said a word. I looked at him, waiting for him to say something. "Well, I suppose I'll have to take you out then so that you can see if you enjoy being with guys," he said.I suppose now would be a young lolita pics bbs good place to clue everyone in about my experiences with guys so far. Well, I had obviously done the whole circle jerk thing at school with some of my closer guy friends. But other than that, I had never even kissed or touched a guy. I had a girlfriend in High School for a long time. Really hot girl with an even hotter body. She was one of those typical surfer chicks with a laid back attitude and awesome tan. Awesome thing about her though was that at night she transformed out of her surfer clothes into super hot, sexier outfits... but anyway, that's besides the point.A few weeks after having the conversation with my uncle, we went down to Surfer's Paradise for a few nights. We stayed in a hotel in the main party area of the town. It was my 19th birthday and I took my aunt and uncle out for supper, i suppose to say thank you for having me so long at their house. Well, anyway, that night my uncle and aunt took me out to a gay club, the first one I had ever been in.We were there nude youngest sexiest lolita for a few hours, and I was knocking back drinks like you can't believe. As we had walked in, the bouncer had carded us and I felt my stomach feel sort of sick. Other people had walked past as we child lolita model index were waiting in the cue, and I felt nervous knowing that they knew I was about to go into a gay bar. Well, after the first few hours, my aunt and uncle got bored. My aunt was sitting chatting to this scrawny, really effeminate guy the whole night and was getting progressively more tipsy as they had cocktails together. I, on the other hand, felt so uncomfortable having my aunt and uncle there lolita top dark galleries that I was pretty much sitting by the bar the entire time, just watching everyone interact, trying to scout out the talent, of which there was hardly any at this stage. As my aunt came towards the bar to get another drink, she nudged me and told me that the boy she russian lolita nude gallery had been talking to thought I was really hot. I glanced back to the table where he was sitting but couldn't help thinking I just wasn't interested. He wasn't my type at all. I like tall, muscular, tanned people with dark features. Sort of like a jock i guess. I also liked more manly men. I didn't really find the guy very attractive at all. I laughed at my aunt and said no thanks. I think even if he had been attractive, I was still too nervous being around my aunt and uncle to have made any move.Anyway, a few drinks later, my aunt and uncle decided to call it quits for the night. They asked if I was coming back to the hotel, but I told them I would wait around a while longer and see if the mood picked up. I walked outside with them, said goodnight and had a quick smoke because you weren't allowed to inside the club. I walked back inside and ordered a double jack and coke. I was going to score tonight even if it meant I had to get really drunk tonight and throw my name away.I noticed that alot more guys were checking me out now that my uncle had left. Sitting there, I realised that no one had approached me all night because they probably thought we were together. But they were definitely making up for lost time now. Only problem is though, I goth loli nude model couldn't find anyone even remotely attractive to me. Finally, as I was about to stand up, I noticed a guy joining a group of blokes dancing preteen lolitas in panties right infront of me. He had a wife-beater on and was clearly built underneath it all. He had dirty blond hair all spiked up and he was really tanned too. I felt my heart starting to flutter and kept staring at him. I was too embarrassed to make the first move. I had never been in a situation like this. If it had been a straight bar and he had been a girl, I would have had no problem walking up to him and start dancing. But he was a guy, and this was a gay bar and I was plastered to my seat in nervousness.We kept making eye contact across the dance floor until he eventually came across and introduced himself as Declan. He asked me if I wanted a drink, and I quickly agreed to another double jack and coke. As we stood waiting at the bar for someone to serve us he turned around and asked me where my boyfriend had gone. I stared blankly at him for a few seconds and then realised he was referring to my uncle. I quickly explained the situation to him. By this stage, he had noticed I had a huge accent (well, I think he had the huge accent) and asked me where I was from. I told him I was from South Africa on holiday. He led me over to the dance floor and we danced a bit. I was still so nervous I asked him if we could sit down. I was feeling really awkward and maybe I was just being paranoid but it felt like everyone was staring at me.The music was so loud we could hardly hear each other speak. As I leaned in closer to hear what he wanted to say, he grabbed the back of my head and started making out with me. I immediately felt my dick harden. It was so much more manly than anything I had experienced thus far. His mouth tasted of beer and the way his stubble was scratching across my chin was fuckn hot. I started feeling his back up, running my hands over the rippling muscles. This was none nude lolita sites so unlike anything I had ever experienced with a girl. They tend to be soft and supple. This guy was rock hard and just muscle. It felt awesome. We carried on making out, him breaking every now and then to suck on my bottom lip and to nibble on it a little. Eventually he broke off completely and pulled me closer to him. Again I thought he was going to tell me something, but he lowered his mouth onto my shoulders and started kissing the nape of my neck. He worked his way up and I felt goosebumps spreading across my entire body. Again, his stubble was dragging across my skin, making his soft, warm, moist mouth feel even more intense on my skin. Eventually he reached my ear. Holding his breath, he started sucking on the lobe. I felt waves of pleasure crashing through my body. I had never felt this before and it really felt incredibly sexy. He let go of my earlobe and exhaled. He looked into my eyes and pulled me up, leading me outside. I had to quickly adjust my package so that the whole room wouldn't see I had a raging hard on.Once we got outside the club, he asked me if I wanted to go home with him. I was shocked that he was so forward and hesitated to give him an answer. what is lolita nude I was still horny as hell and wanted really badly to get off, but I didn't know this guy from a bar of soap and my mind was screaming at me not to go. Coming from South Africa, with possibly the highest violent crime lolita list links bbs rate in the world, I was sceptical about the bloke. It seemed, however, that my body wasn't going to take no for an answer and I felt myself nodding. He quickly hailed a cab and ten minutes later, we were at his apartment.As we came in through the door, he threw me onto the bed and came to lie on top of me. I could feel the hardness of his cock pressing into me and that turned me on even more. We started making out and I closed my eyes and again started running my hands over his back, under his shirt. The firmness of Declan's body was driving me insanely horny. He broke the kiss and smiled at me, asking if I was ok. I looked into his eyes. They were a bright brown, if there is such a thing, and were sparkling. He had the hottest smile. Small, straight teeth, perfectly lined up. Overall, I realised again this guy was pretty hot!I nodded quickly that I was still fine, and pulled him back down onto me to carry on kissing. He came down, sort of lifting me up to him and pulled my shirt over my shirt. The movement and position I was in, with him straddling my lap and pulling my arms over my head made my muscles really taught and I could see him checking my body out. His eyes none nude lolita sites came up to meet mine and he smiled. "You've got a really tight body there, mate". I laughed at him, loving the accent with which he said it. I pulled his shirt off over his head too.We carried on making out, this time, my hands roved over his arms, neck and shoulders too. I just couldn't stop marvelling at how amazingly built this guy was. I was a bit startled when I felt him start undoing my belt buckle. Unnerved, I broke off the kissing and pushed him up. "Um, Declan, I don't really know how to say this, but this is the first time I'm with a guy and I'm a bit nervous."He looked surprised. He couldn't believe that it was only my first time. He kept saying how confident I seemed. If only he knew what I was really thinking . He promised that he wouldn't do anything I didn't want him to and he told me that I just had to tell him when to stop and he would. Thinking it over quickly, I agreed. He opened my belt buckle and started kissing my abs, all along the light blond treasure trail that ran from my belly button and disappeared into my boxer briefs. He pulled my underwear down a little, just below the tan line (which at this stage was really really pronounced because of all the time I had spent in the sun, on the beach surfing, swimming, etc) and started kissing the top of my pubes. I felt shivers rush through my body as his hot breath spread out over my abdomen. My stomach pulled tight causing my abs to bulge out and he started nibbling them one by one. I was lying back on the bed, running my hands through his hair, also a new feeling for me because it was so short. I was used to the long hair of a chick.Declan once again started kissing downwards towards what is lolita nude my pants, and was slowly pulling my jocks and jeans down as he was kissing. He had pulled the jeans all the way down to the base of my cock, exposing my bushy pubes to the air. I felt so horny that I was starting to get really worked up. My dick was really uncomfortable in my jeans and I just wanted it to get out. Declan looked up at me to see if I was ok with what he was doing. Without saying a word, I pushed his head back towards my crotch. With one smooth movement, he pulled my jeans, jocks and socks off completely and I was lying on the bed, completely naked. My dick snapped back onto my stomach and I could see precum oozing out of it. Declan took a long look at it before continuing. I only found out later that being circumsized isn't all too common for Australian boys (or at least not in Declan's household). He started kissing my thighs, starting on the right one, making his way up towards my crotch, but stopping just short of my balls. Again, I can't begin to describe what the feeling of his stubble scraping across the sensitive skin of my thigh felt like. It seemed to magnify everything I was feeling by a hundred. He did the same across my left thigh. Then, with no warning, he took both my balls in his mouth. I sharply sucked in my breath, not used to the feeling. I had only ever gotten blow jobs from lolita list links bbs girls before and for some reason, they seem to find balls rather disgusting. So Declan sucking on my balls was completely new territory to me and it felt amazing. The hot warm air as he breathed in and out of his nose was blowing against my raging hard cock, making it jump. To top it off, I felt like he was churning the cum in my balls like never before. By this time I was leaking precum like crazy and Declan used some as lube as his one hand reached up to grab my cock.This is the first time that another guy had ever touched my cock. I was used to dainty, pretty girls giving me hand jobs, not really sure what to do. They had soft, manicured hands with long nails that sometimes got in the way, and somehow, they never quite seemed to be able to do it as well as I could. With Declan, however, I had no such problem. He grabbed tightly onto my 6 inch cock, using the precum as lube. He started pumping it slowly and methodically, clearly knowing what he was doing. The combination of his firm grasp on my dick and my balls still being swirled around in his mouth made me want to come right then and there. I was breathing really heavily, muttering under my breath how hot this felt.The next thing I knew, Declan spat my balls out, and I immediately realised how tense my body had been. I had been grabbing hadfulls of his hair and my toes were basically curled around the sheets that's how intense the feeling had been. Still holding onto my cock, Declan started licking it, lolita lilegal pics free starting at the base right up to the head. He lapped at it like it was an ice cream or popsicle, his tongue wet warm and soft against my rigid dick. Eventually, he lowered his mouth little lolitas gallery bbs onto the tip of my cock, swirling his tongue along that one part of my cock, just under the head, where the feeling is the most intense. I again felt every nerve in my body tingling from ecstasy. This was like nothing I had experienced before: Declan knew what I wanted and how I wanted it. How could he not, he had the same equipment as me!Before I knew it, Declan engulfed my entire 6 inch cock in his mouth. I felt the head of my cock ramming against the back of his throat. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. Holding the base of my dick with his one hand, Declan continued sucking on my cock, moving his head up and down as he pulled the cock in and out of his mouth. He was lightly scraping the skin of my cock with his teeth, just lightly enough that it didn't hurt. It felt fucking amazing! My whole body was again awash with pleasure. I couldn't believe that a blow job could feel this intense. My entire cock was enveloped by his hot mouth and I was loving it. I started groaning softly as he picked up speed.I could once again feel the pleasure starting to build up in my body, bringing me closer to orgasm. I warned Declan that I was getting close, but he took no notice of me and continued at an even faster pace, sucking my cock and using his other hand to fondle my balls. Suddenly, i couldn't control myself anymore. I moaned loudly as my cum shot into Declan's mouth, plastering his throat. I felt five or six shots literally shoot out my cock as I experienced the most phenomenal orgasm of my life. My whole body was shaking and tense at the same time by the sheer intensity of the orgasm. After I was spent, I pulled Declan's mouth off my cock as it became too sensitive. Declan flopped down onto the bed next to me, smiling. I lay there quiet for a few moments, and a sick feeling started washing over me. I couldn't believe I had just done this, with a guy! I was starting to physically feel ill and just wanted to get out of the room. I looked at Declan to see that he was still looking at me. Trying to think of a way to get away from him, I jumped off the bed, still naked and pulled on my jocks and jeans. "I just need to go to the toilet quick". I took a quick slash and waited before flushing the toilet, trying to think how to get out of the situation. I walked back into the room, looked at my watch, and said "Oh fuck" out nude lolitas top sites loudly. Declan sat up on the bed, asking me what's wrong. It was around 5am and I was scared that my aunt and uncle were going to be worried. Telling Declan that, I asked if he would let me out. I pulled on the rest of my clothes as he said sure and called a cab for me. He wanted to know if he must come downstairs and wait for the cab for me. I told him I was fine. He pulled me in for a kiss, but I tensed up and pulled away, just wanting to get away. My conscience was working over time now and I was really physically nauseous by this time. I gave him a quick peck on the lips and walked to the elevator. When I got outside, I walked around the corner so that Declan wouldn't see me from his balcony. I didn't want to see him. Dirty, sickening thoughts were crashing through my head. I felt physically violated and dirty. I was in denial about what I had done. This was not Christian and it definitely wasn't what I wanted for my life. I wanted a hot wife and two kids. Not a gay guy giving me head. I quickly lit up a cigarette thinking it might take my mind off things. Forcing myself to think of better things, I pushed what I had just done to the back of my mind.When the taxi dropped me off at the hotel, I had put the whole thing behind me and pretended it had never happened. I walked up to my room, changed into a speedo and jumped into the hotel swimming pool. It was a big 50m pool. It was around 5.30am and the water was freezing so I started swimming laps furiously, waiting for the repetitiveness of the laps to sink into my mind, clearing all young lolita pics bbs conscious thoughts from my head. I loved swimming! I think I must have swum an easy 6km in that pool that day.Hope you guys enjoyed this instalment of the story: my first sexual experience with a guy! There next chapter of the story will start off with me at university! Writing this, I can't believe how much of this story I have pushed into my sub consciousness, even to this day. I suppose it had a bigger impact on my life than I suspected all these years. Its only when I started writing that it all came back to me. Once again, if you guys have any comments, drop me a line (or if you're hot, a jock and available and living in or near cape town haha).Luca. lucawarberggmail.com
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